Pure Atmosphere (DVD)

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Welcome to the world of Emosphere! The first release "Pure Atmosphere" presents to you a new way of sensual living and will set music and your mind in motion. This superb DVD offers a unique combination of stimulating visuals and floating music - produced in fantastic dolby digital sound.

The 11 tracks assembled on this DVD burst with musical highlights. You will encounter new tracks from Cataldo and MoDrive paired with listening heroes such as De-Phazz, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Sushi Club and Lemongrass, which you may know from the record lables Mole and Plastic City.

The vidoes support and enhance your sensual experience. Try it as a subtitute for love or as a means of seduction for love - it works both ways, depending on your circumstances and preferences.

As a special feature, you can select a feld of visuals corresponding to your current mood: watch the moving clouds, travel through changing landscapes, follow exotic fishes or immerse yourself in ambient pictures and patterns. Then, the 11 tracks will be looped into infinity... But no matter how you will use this DVD, it will whet your emotional appetite and tease your sensibilities: to listen and to watch is to inhale!

01 MoDrive - If It's Really Love
02 Nor Elle - Red Sky
03 MoDrive - Won't Let You Go
04 Lemongrass - Journey To A Star
05 Paranoid Pussy - Chrome Liquid (The Sushi Club Remix)
06 Cataldo - Into The Blue
07 De-Phazz - No Jive (Ripped Version)
08 Cataldo - Eyeball
09 Terry Lee Brown Junior - Ocean Of Joy (Ambient Edit)
10 Cataldo - Moonwalk
11 MoDrive - How Pure

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