Bardagi: The Claim for Gold

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Dissolution has occurred in the homeland; the country´s resources are depleted and there is turbulence in the society. The High Jarl has inviteda group of brave people and has given them the opportunity to try their luck in a newly discovered group of islands. The islands are rich of natural resources and your task is to gain control of these resources from the Barbarian tribes currently occupying the area. The takeover is to be done in any way possible; through trade, religious conversion or direct conflict. If you manage to overtake areas peacefully, the Barbarians might join your clan and help you in your task. There are areas throughout the island that stand neutral against any invaders and there you can buy or sell resources & learn runes. During the game, your clan tries to build up their region and surpass their rivals with vast riches and wealth. At the end of the game, the winner is the Clan Leader who receives most glory, by gaining areas, building upgrades & collecting gold!


1 Game board
5 Player boards
120 Player cards
5 Reference cards
10 Point markers 50/100 & 150/200
45 Building upgrade tiles
5 Berserkur
5 Godi
5 Kaupmadur
5 Knerrir
180 Wooden Resources
200 Wooden disks
48 Runes tokens
20 Axe tokens
100 x 1 gold coin & 30 x 5 gold coins
5 Gold storage pouches
5 player glory markers
1 Round marker
1 Starting player token

Rulebooks in English, German, French and Italian

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Englisch, Anleitung auch Deutsch, Italienisch, Französisch
Anzahl der Spieler
90-120 Min.
Achtung: Nicht für Kinder unter 36 Monaten geeignet wegen verschluckbarer Kleinteile, Erstickungsgefahr.